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When choosing your God Parents

Can be (2) God Parents, a male and a female, at least one of them must be a practising Catholic, having received all three (3) Sacraments of Initiation [Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation] [Require Annotated Baptism Certificate]

If one is non-Catholic, but is a Christian, they would be a Christian Witness.

The God Parent(s) are to be living a life consistent with the faith. If married, must have been within the Church.

There is a $50.00 Fee that is to accompany this registration form. The information session and Baptism date will not be given until this form, an Annotated Baptismal Certificate of God Parent and the fee is given to the office.
Please note that though we will try to accommodate the baptism date requested, it may not be possible. Baptism dates will be confirmed by the office via email.
Thank you.

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